District Council Collaborative Board, Inc.

Our Mission

To improve public safety and quality of life through a collaborative that utilizes problem-solving strategies.

About Us

The District Council Collaborative Board is an independent community organization in Camden, New Jersey
Our organization is made up of four districts which operate in each of the city's police districts in order to meet the unique needs of the various neighborhoods.
The District Council Collaborative Board was formed in 2005 pursuant to a Blue Ribbon Commission, convened by the New Jersey Attorney General and comprised of law enforcement experts who had worked and evaluated public safety organizations and plans throughout the country and beyond. The organization was formed in an effort to improve the conditions of the city by bridging the gap between the major stakeholders: the community, law enforcement and city government.
The organization emphasizes a community-policing model that brings the community, law enforcement, and city officials together to address concerns, share ideas, and work on sustainable solutions. The District Council Collaborative Boards consist of four districts, one for each of the city’s police districts. Each district is made up of community members - including residents, faith based leaders, business owners, agency representatives, non-profits, law enforcement, and city government.
Our organization is guided by the principle that we cannot solve the city's problems unless we work collaboratively, that everyone is accountable for the conditions within the city and, accordingly, everyone should be part of the solution. We are working everyday to improve Camden's public safety and quality of life.

Our Goals & Initiatives

- Regularly Assess Neighborhood Conditions
- Analyze & Evaluate Information Reported
- Create Problem Solving Strategies To Find Lasting & Sustainable Solutions To Concerns
- Heighten Accountability of Community, Law Enforcement, and City Government
- Support Law Enforcement & Community Initiatives That Share Similar Missions
- Encourage Coordination & Collaboration To Creatively Address Community Concerns

Our Interactive Issue Map

Our Interactive Issue Map allows any citizen to anonymously input data about issues in their neighborhood. You can report suspicious activity, quality of life issues such as trash, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, and other concerns. This technology is utilized by our boards to drive our problem solving strategies.
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