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Andrew Adams

Andrew Adams is an asset to our organization with
his extensive background in constituent services, government relations, event planning, public relations, program development, and project management. Under his leadership, the Annual Camden Holiday Parade was revitalized and brought back to life. Adams has been influential to the success of numerous initiatives and improvement projects, working tirelessly to serve city residents.
Adams is dynamic and personable, he believes in a people first approach when working in the community. He favors revitalization over gentrification and encourages the city to celebrate its rich history and diversity. In 2014, Philadelphia based Flying Kite Media mentioned him as one of the city’s top influential young leaders. Adams believes that we need to be innovative and take a proactive approach to improving public safety and quality of life in our neighborhoods.
Daniel Howard

After 25 years of service, Daniel retired from the Mount Laurel Police Department where he held a command level position.  During his career, he enjoyed a wide array of assignments involving both law enforcement and non-law enforcement related duties, to include: hiring, training and retaining staff; liability and risk management; project oversight; Law Enforcement Accreditation Program management; creating and initiating agency wide policing strategies; Training and career development; grant preparation/oversight, and policy, and procedure development. His duties required him to routinely work in concert with various Federal, State, County and Municipal entities; school officials; and community and business organizations.
Daniel brings 17 years of management experience with the last three years as the Department’s Senior Lieutenant- second only to the Chief of Police in rank.  The pinnacle of his career came when he was selected as the Officer in Charge of the Police Department and tasked with managing the agency for an extended period of time in 2012.  Dan’s professional experience extends beyond law enforcement and working as: an Adjunct College Professor at two different Universities; a Law Enforcement Accreditation Program Team Leader/Assessor; a subject matter expert for National Highway Traffic Safety, 30 years of experience working in emergency medical services, to include the City of Camden, and several years as a volunteer fire fighter.
In 2010, as an adjunct criminal justice professor with Rutgers University, Daniel was given the opportunity through Chancellor Pritchett’s Office to develop the curriculum for a new hybrid class that was to include academic and hands-on fieldwork components designed to teach the intricacies of community engagement and community policing efforts. This course combined the knowledge and experiences gained as an undergraduate and graduate student at Rutgers University, a former Cramer Hill resident, city employee, and the 30 years of experience in the field of public safety (Police, Fire and Medical Services) and put it towards a worthwhile endeavor. The course became known as the North Camden Public Safety Project.
Daniel believes that working with the members of the DCCB has allowed him to appreciate even more how the concept of the organization (collection and analysis of data and bringing all stakeholders to the table to work on solutions can help be an impetus for improving the city's conditions. He is excited to have a hand in solidifying the District Council Collaborative Boards' organizational structure and bringing it to the next level.

Martha Chavis

Martha Chavis brings to our organization over 30 years work experience with non-profit organizations providing health, educational services, and social services. A native of Philadelphia, Ms. Chavis attended city schools and graduated from Beaver College with a B.A. in Psychology and Education. She completed her graduate work at Temple University in Developmental Psychology and taught as an adjunct faculty in the department there for 10 years. Ms. Chavis has also worked over 30 years as an adjunct faculty member in Behavioral Sciences at the Community College of Philadelphia. She is one of a few long time African American Behavioral Sciences faculty teaching at the college. Ms. Chavis has worked as an Education Coordinator, Director of Program and Development for Camden County Connections. As well, she has worked in various settings over the years working as a program coordinator.
Martha is well known for her consultant work in staff/professional development in the areas ranging from organizational capacity building, cultural competency, grant administration, and professional promotion to parenting. In addition, she is very experienced in HIV/AIDS education/preventative programming, sexuality behavior studies, child and adolescent development and self management.
Ms. Chavis serves as the Executive Director of WELCOME NJ. This program services focus on job readiness and personal management skills, employment, education opportunities, wage advancement and career development to better enable individuals to obtain and retain employment and advance in today’s labor market. She also serves as the Director of Community Services for the Camden Area Health Education Center.
Ms. Chavis is a resident of Camden and has worked in the community for over 30 years. She serves as the Chairwoman of the Camden Empowerment Development Corporation. Ms. Chavis has traveled extensively worldwide and across the United States. She believes that human service with human dignity is the best approach for achieving outcomes in the community that make a difference.

Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller is a lifelong resident of the City of Camden. She brings a vast knowledge of community based resources to our organization. Sharon has years of experience in public safety, including working on domestic violence prevention and with victim advocacy. Sharon previously served as Chairwoman of Camden City’s Public Safety Council.  Sharon was one of two community members who sat on the Blue Ribbon Commission,a group convened by the New Jersey Attorney General and comprised of law enforcement experts who have worked and evaluated public safety organizations and plans throughout the country and beyond. This resulted in the creation of the District Council Collaborative Board in an effort to improve the conditions of the city by bridging the gap between the major stakeholders: the community, law enforcement and city government. Sharon also assisted with the creation and implementation of the Camden City Curfew Program.
Ms. Miller has served on the District Council Collaborative Board since its inception and has served as the District 4 Chairwoman representing the neighborhoods of Gateway, Parkside, and Whitman Park. Sharon has a strong passion for working with residents and making sure everyone’s voice is heard.
Ester Mercado Pitts

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