Executive Director

Angel M. Osorio

Office of the Executive Director
Angel M. Osorio


Angel M. Osorio was born and raised in the City of Camden where she graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. Mrs. Osorio has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Juris Doctorate Degree. She has worked for the last 18 years as a Community Outreach and Crime-Prevention Specialist. In 2004, she was appointed by a Blue Ribbon Commission of policing experts to design, implement and oversee a community-policing model in the City of Camden. The plan resulted in the creation and implementation of the District Council Collaborative Board.
The District Council Collaborative Board has four districts comprised of community members, including residents, faith-based leaders, members of the school district, housing authority, non-profit agencies, and law enforcement in each of the city's police districts. The organization's four districts work together to improve public safety and quality of life through a comprehensive process of community outreach, data collection, data analysis and the use of problem-solving strategies. The District Council Collaborative Board operates using cutting edge interactive mapping technology and communications systems that anonymously transmit intelligence from the community to law enforcement and other information about physical blight that impacts safety to the various city departments and agencies responsible.
In addition, Mrs. Osorio has extensive experience in the reduction of juvenile delinquency and has developed several programs, academic and vocational curricula and recreational activities, has worked with several undergraduate and graduate interns in providing many of the city’s youth with the skills and tools necessary to succeed.  She has also worked on re-entry programs, has extensive knowledge of the city’s resources, and works to improve accessibility for residents. Mrs. Osorio has served on many boards throughout the city and county that work on reducing crime through mechanisms that address the underlying issues that may lead an individual to engage in criminal activity.  Her work is guided by the reality that crime is the result of many unaddressed issues. In order for positive change to occur, all stakeholders must work together to get to the core of what is driving crime and develop sustainable solutions.
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