Code Enforcement

City of Camden: Department of Code Enforcement
Camden City Hall- 520 Market Street- 2nd Floor
(856) 757-7345
This department administers the enforcement of all city codes to establish a minimum standard of Health, welfare, and well being for all residents; Responsible for coordinating and supervising the interactions of all divisions/bureaus; establishes missions, goals, and city objectives.
How to Report Quality of Life/Code Enforcement Issues...
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Code Enforcement carries out the following operations:
Construction/Building Bureau:
Camden City Hall: 520 Market Street- 4th Floor
(856) 757-7032
The Building Bureau handles complaints having to do with construction, unsafe structures, and improper street and sidewalk openings. The Bureau issues and oversees all construction permits in the City of Camden, covering all disciplines. It has control over sidewalk and street openings of city streets along with repair and reconstruction of sidewalks and curbing of existing property. The bureau also investigates and classifies buildings for demolition and/or board up.
Bureau of Housing
Camden City Hall: 520 Market Street- Room 101
(856) 757-7075
The purpose of the Bureau of Housing is to enforce the city's 418 Property Maintenance Code of the City of Camden, which establishes requirements and standards for the protection of public health and welfare.
The Bureau of Housing performs inspections of owner occupied, rental, multiple dwellings, business and various other inspections of residential and commercial properties for property maintenance compliance. Upon completion of the initial inspection the owner is sent a copy of the violation record and given a date for re-inspection; if the violations have not been abated, court action may be instituted.
Rental properties are required to be inspected at the change of ownership and/or occupancy. Rental properties are required to be inspected and possess a Rental Approval Certificate prior to occupancy; multiple dwellings of three or more units require a license.
Rent Control Division
(856) 757-7278
Responsible for providing an efficient administration of the rent control provisions and clarifying certain ambiguities that City Council has determined to be in the best interests of the citizens of Camden. The office acts as a mediator between landlords and tenants in an effort to provide safe and affordable rental housing to residents.
Bureau of Licenses & Inspections
Camden City Hall- 520 Market Street- Room 220
(856) 757-7131
Reviews and Approves all business licenses for licenses in the City of Camden. Enforces all license requirements and maintains up-to-date files for all licensed businesses.
Report all vending and peddling issues to L&I
Weights and Measures
Camden City Hall-520 Market Street- Room 220
(856) 757-4738
This division is responsible for conducting annual inspections of all weighing and measuring devices used in direct sale to the public. In addition, consumer product labels, scanner accuracy and grocery packages are periodically checked for compliance with state statutes.
Bureau of Animal Control & Human Law Enforcement
Responsible for domestic animals at large; All emergencies, as well as, non-emergencies are handled through Police dispatch, such as bite cases, animal cruelty, stray and injured animals. We will handle wildlife only if animal is sick, injured or a threat to public safety.
Police Non-Emergency: (856) 757-7400  (DIAL 0 for Dispatcher)
Animal Control: (609) 610-4191
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